Diamond wire saw for low/Mid/hard rigidity marble quarries,marble block squaring,marble profiling
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diamond wire saw for marble quarries
We manufacture diamond wire saws which are widely used for marble quarries and marble mine block squaring. diamond wire saws are for low rigidity marble quarries,Mid-rigidity marble quarries,hard rigidity marble quarries,block squaring,granite profiling. Also we supply diamond wire saws for granite block squaring,granite profiling,granite quarries,marble block squaring,marble profiling,marble quarries,multi-wire machines.
diamond wire saw for marble quarries
diamond wire saw for marble quarries
diamond wire saw for marble quarries
diamond wire saw for marble quarries
Specification Beads/m Reinforcement
mm   R
Φ 10.5 37 rubber
Φ 11 28 spring
Φ 11 37 rubber
Φ 11 40 rubber
Φ 11.5 40 rubber

Specification and performance parameters of diamond wire saws
Cutting material Line speed Cutting speed Wire life
  m/s /h


Low rigidity marble 30-35 9-12 40-70
Mid rigidity marble 28-32 7-10 25-45
Hard marble 26-30 4-8 20-30
Specification and technical parameters of diamond beads
Specification (mm) Outer diameter (mm) Height of work layer (mm) Length (mm) manufacture tech
Φ 10.5 Φ 10.5 6.4 10 sintered
Φ 11 Φ 11 6.0/6.4 9.5/10 sintered
Φ 11.5 Φ 11.5 6.4 10 sintered
Diamond wire saw
Diamond wire saws are used for:
reinforced concrete, granite block squaring, granite profiling, granite quarries, marble block squaring, marble profiling
marble quarries, multi-wire machines, sandstone slate quarries
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