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New type Auto cold press machine for sandwich segments
Auto cold press machine
Automation press machine
cold press machine
“Tenglong” brand WLY50-1 cold press machine for segments is a newly developed automatic cold press machine for diamond powder. This machine is charaterized in its increased automation, high output, high accuracy of weight and needless of granulation of diamond powder. This machine can be used to make “sandwich” or “multilayer” segments by putting three different kinds of powder at the same time. It is the newest perfect equipment in the field of diamond tools

          Main features of Automation cold press machine:

  • It is mainly used to make segment base from diamond metallurgy powder by cold press.
  • It can be used to make segments for all sorts of saw blades by putting three mixtures of powder with different proportion of diamond.
  • The powder is calculated by volume so it doesn’t need to be granulated, which saves the production cost and is convenient for customers.
  • It can automatically measure the thickness and show the height of segments, which can release the operator.
  • It can correct the error of weight which is caused by the error of powder density.
  • It is a commensurable equipment with high ourput {Cold press “sandwich” segments(segments for ¢350 saw blade)10000pcs/8h,segments“11 layers”(segments for ¢1600 saw blade)1600pcs/8h}, which can save a lot of labour force.
  • The electrical system is designed according to the national standard with high reliability and convenient maintenance.
  • There’re buttons on the screen, which makes it easier to operate and set the program.
  • It can be used to store 50 pieces of technics, which is convenient for operator


Power supply(KW)
Max. pressure(KN)
Technics set/Range of powder layers:
1 to 11 layers
Overall dimension(mm)

   1.We will reserve the right to modify any technical data of the machine.
   2.It is possible to make the machine according to customer's demands.

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