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Atmosphere Controlled Bell Sintering Furnace
Atmosphere Controlled Bell Sintering Furnace is mainly used to manufacture diamond saw blades and metal bond diamond grinding wheels with the diameter of 400mm or below that requires high accuracy and density, small deformation after sintering. Work pieces of this furnace can be pressed or sintered in a protective atmosphere. Also, two sets of stainless crucibles are equipped in the furnace. Prossessing the merits of compact structure, easy loading and unloading of workpieces, high production effciency, and small temperature difference in the sintering district, this sintering furnace is the perfect choice for the production of advanced diamond saw blades and metal bond grinding wheels with diameters of 105mm~400mm.
Configuration of the furnace: three phase heating, three way independent regulations and three section available for measuring and controlling temperature, advanced intelligent temperature controller, PLC for temperature and pressure are equipped in the furnace. 100 technique curves can be stored in the furnace computer. The pressure, with digital set and display, is converted automatically, Nitrogen or the decomposition of ammonia gas is suggested to be used as the protective gas in those two sets of heat resistant electric driven steel bells which are sealed with sand. Moreover, computers are available for the recording and monitoring of process data.

Atmosphere Controlled Bell Sintering Furnace technical data

380V, 50HZ
Sintering Power
50 KW
Max sintering temperature
Temperature differences of the three sections for measuring and controlling temperature inside the furnace
< +/-  2℃
Sintering pressure
630 KN
Accuracy of the pressure controlled
+/-  1%
Size of the furnace chamber
Diameter of the rammer
Parallelism between the upper and lower rammer
< 0.20mm

   1.We will reserve the right to modify any technical data of the machine.
   2.It is possible to make the machine according to customer's demands.


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